UA Undergraduate Research Engagement Experience


Undergraduate students involved in research with a University of Arizona faculty member, may be eligible to recieve a 100% Engagement Notation on their UA record through the UA Undergraduate Research Engagement Experience. This experience is for students who have not already registered their individual research project through a 100% Enagement course or non-credit opportunity. 

Adding a 100% Engagement experience to a research experience will help students reflect upon the work they're doing and better communicate the knowledge, skills, and experience gained. This is particularly valuable for students when it comes time to apply for a job or graduate school. 


This program is not currently accepting applications. 


In order to successfully complete this experience students are required to:

  • Get approval from their research supervisor to participate;

  • Conduct a minimum of 45 hours of research in a lab or on a project;

  • Meet every two weeks with their research supervisor to discuss their progress and reflect upon their work;

  • Provide a feedback summary to their research supervisor at the midpoint of their research;

  • Complete a deliverable toward the end of the semester which summarizes the work they have done and what they gained from the experience, get it approved by their Research Supervisor, and email it to UR staff.

  • Have their Research Supervisor complete a final verification survey. 

Further Information for Faculty:

Overview of UA Undergraduate Research Engagement Experience:

Research Supervisor Agreement