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2023-2024 Mentored Undergraduate Research Grants for Federal Work-Study Eligible Students

Student Engagement and Career Development in partnership with the Office of Societal Impact, is pleased to announce that applications are now open for the 2023-2023 Mentored Undergraduate Research Grants for Federal Work-Study Eligible Students.

Applications will be available through March 1, 2024 or until funds are spent.

A preview of the application questions is available here.

Email questions to Kelley Merriam-Castro at kmerriam@arizona.edu

Apply Here

University of Arizona research supervisors (including tenure track faculty, continuing track faculty, and research employees) are eligible to apply for funding to provide paid research opportunities for a maximum of three undergraduate students who are receiving Federal Work-Study (FWS) benefits.

Research supervisors may submit an application to support a known student in a mentored research project, or they may submit an undergraduate research project for funding and receive assistance from SECD in recruiting qualified students. 

Respecting student privacy:  Please be respectful of student privacy and do not ask students to publicly identify their eligibility for this award. Students are free to share their FWS status with others if they choose. Research mentors are encouraged to keep conversations with students regarding their financial aid status private. Students may contact the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid if they have questions about their own eligibility. 

Applicant and Project parameters:

  • Faculty/Researcher applicants may be tenure track, continuing track, or ongoing research personnel at the University of Arizona.
  • The proposed undergraduate research project must meet the definition of authentic research in that it will include the student in the process of discovery and will involve work intended to advance human knowledge in the field of study.  
  • Proposed projects must provide between 100 to 200 hours of paid undergraduate research hours per student award.   
  • Faculty researchers who already know a student who meets the FWS requirements can apply to hire that student without openly announcing the position.
  • Faculty researchers who would like to apply to support unknown FWS-eligible students will receive help from SECD to recruit eligible student applicants.
  • These awards are student-specific. Once funding is granted to hire a specific student, the funds may not be transferred to another student. If a student is unable to work the full number of budgeted hours, please contact Kelley Merriam-Castro at kmerriam@arizona.edu for next steps.
  • Students may be employed immediately upon receipt of funds.
  • Priority will be given to projects that grant funded research positions for the full Spring 2024 term (January through May, 2024).
  • Funding must cover newly paid student positions where funding is otherwise not available.  
  • Funding must be spent by the end of the summer 2024 term. The last day to fund student payroll through this award is August 25, 2024.

Student eligibility requirements:

  • Students must be eligible for FWS aid during the 2023-20234 academic year. 
  • Students must have at least $750 remaining in FWS aid at the start of hire
  • Students must be undergraduate students at the time of employment. Students who are graduating in May 2024 cannot continue to work past the last day of classes.

Hiring and financial requirements:

  • Students will be hired in the research mentor's home department. 
  • Departmental business personnel will need to code the positions as Federal Work-Study when the students are hired.
  • Business personnel will hire the student workers into the Undergraduate Research Assistant I job classification (job code 198632)
  • Open student positions resulting from this funding will need to be advertised through Handshake to recruit among eligible students. Business teams, please contact Kelley Merriam-Castro at kmerriam@arizona.edu if you have questions about accessing Handshake for your department.


Or consider applying for a Course-based Undergraduate Research Experience Fellowship:

The CURE Training Institute  (Applications available in mid-spring for the three-day summer institute, held in mid-late May)