Update your UR listing in the Search Database

To ensure that that the information provided on our UR Search database is up to date, please make sure your information in the UA Vitae system is up to date. 

To do this, please log into UAVitae (http://uavitae.arizona.edu) and navigate to the section called Undergraduate Research Opportunities under Activities.

The questions added to this section are:

  1. Do you offer undergraduate research opportunities?
    b.Starting & ending semester (select semester or select ongoing)

  2. Types of opportunities available
    a.Click any or all: paid, volunteer, for credit

  3. Location of research opportunities
    a.Main campus, Tucson-off campus, UA Sierra Vista, Phoenix, UA Yuma, etc.

  4. List majors you would consider (optional)
  5. Mandatory prerequisite courses (optional)

Make sure "Displayed thru API?*" is set to YES.

In addition, please make sure that the information you entered about your research interests is detailed, accurate, and matches the work you are currently doing. 

Changes made in the UA Vitae system may take 24-48 hours to appear on our website.