Entering Research Program

Entering Research I & II - SCI 397B & 397C


Entering Research a 2-semester graded course (1 unit each semester) designed for undergraduates beginning science research in a STEM field. The class is designed to train aspiring researchers in the skills required to be part of science projects with College of Science researchers. The course is also designed to help students build a cohort of other undergraduate researchers to discuss research experiences and improve skills needed to apply for grants, graduate school, and/or jobs after graduation.

Space is limited for these courses and enrollment requires an application.

Use these links to download the course application and syllabus:

Click here for advice on finding a research mentor.

Send Completed applications or questions to Nathan Lysne (nlysne@email.arizona.edu). 

Here's what students have to say about the Entering Research Program:

  • “Very helpful class to have for my first research experience on campus; helped me establish relationships and keep me on track w/ my research group!”

  • “[This course] made me sit down and really think about what I’m doing and how it all related to the bigger picture.“

  • “I have done a lot of things successfully because of this class, and the research process and environment is no longer daunting.”

  • “I really liked the small group discussion format, it’s not like any classes I’ve taken in astronomy or physics. I appreciated the ability to learn through conversation and among people like me: students really excited about starting research.”