Oliver Monti Masel

Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry-Sci

Member of the Graduate Faculty

Professor, Physics

In LabMonti(TM), we seek new ways of making electronic devices more energy efficient by many orders of magnitude, much smaller and therefore faster, and to harvest renewable energy from the sun. We do this by combining molecular materials with amazing so-called 2D materials which are just a few atoms tall but extremely large laterally. TO accomplish this, we are at the forefront of research in the fundamental chemistry and physics of working out the behavior of electrons in such materials. We are able to probe directly excited states of films of large pi-conjugated organic molecules and their dynamics from less than 1 fs to thousands of s and from thin films to single molecules. We complement these efforts by making use of both synchrotron and “bench-top” electron spectroscopies to investigate electronic structure in the core- and valence-levels, augmented by a precise structural understanding obtained from low-temperature scanning tunneling microscopy (LT-STM). These experiments shed light on the complex many-body interactions of excitations at interfaces, and seek to provide test-cases and conceptual frameworks for much-needed theoretical advances in the physics of organic semiconductors and a fundamental understanding of the new frontier of hybrid interfaces of functional materials. Undergraduate researchers gain knowledge and skills in machine learning, computational chemistry, materials growth and a broad array of advanced experimental tools.

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Calc I and II

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Any engineering, math, any science

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January 2017

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