Noel Warfel

Associate Professor, Cellular and Molecular Medicine

Associate Professor, Cancer Biology - GIDP

Member of the Graduate Faculty

Vice Chair, Cancer Biology - GIDP

EDUCATION                       2004                          James Madison University BSc., Department of Integrated Science and Technology   2004                 Johns Hopkins University MSc., Zanvyl Kreiger School of Arts and Science   2011                University of California, San Diego PhD., Biomedical Sciences graduate program     PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE 2015 – present             Research Assistant Professor, University of Arizona Department of Cellular and Molecular Medicine   2013 – 2015                Research Assistant Professor, Medical University of South Carolina Joint appointment in the Hollings Cancer Center and Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology   2011 – 2013                Postdoctoral Fellow, Penn State University, HMC Cancer Institute  Mentor: Dr. Wafik El-Deiry   2006 – 2011                Graduate Student, University of California, San Diego  Mentor: Dr. Alexandra C. Newton   2004 – 2006                 Graduate Research Fellow, National Cancer Insititute  Mentor: Dr. Phillip Dennis FELLOWSHIPS/GRANTS 2017                           American Lung Association Lung Cancer Discovery Award 2016                            American Cancer Society Research Scholar Grant 2012 - 2014                 Ruth L. Kirschstein National Research Service Award National Cancer Institute (1F32CA174138-01) 2009 – 2011                Predoctoral Traineeship Award DoD Breast Cancer Research Program (BC093021) 2009                            Dissertation Award, CBCRP (Declined in favor of DoD award) 2006 – 2008                Pharmacology training grant, UCSD NIH (5 T32 GM07752-28) 2004 – 2006                Molecular Targets and Drug Discovery Fellowship Joint program - NIH/Johns Hopkins University   AWARDS/HONORS 2013                AACR-Aflac Scholar in Training Award, AACR Annual Meeting 2012                Roland K. Robins Pharmacology Dissertation Award for best thesis, UCSD 2011                AACR Scholar in Training Award, Targeting PI3K/mTOR Signalling in Cancer 2004                Honors senior project in the department of ISAT, James Madison University   ASSOCIATIONS/SOCIETY MEMBERSHIPS 2015 – present             University of Arizona Cancer Biology GIDP 2008 - present             American Association for Cancer Research 2002 – 2006                Golden Key International Honor Society   SUPERVISION OF STUDENTS (2015-2016) Supervision of 3 undergraduate students: Alva Sainz (entered Yale graduate program in biology fall of 2016), Isabella Brody-Calixito, and Ian Burton. Supervision of 1 MSc student: Ashley Suiter Supervision of 1 PhD student: Andrea Casillas   SERVICE 2016 - present             UA COM MMI interviewer 2012 - present             Peer reviewer for Cancer Biology and Therapy and Oncotarget 2009                            Reviewer for Journal of Experimental & Clinical Cancer Research   PRESENTATIONS 2017  Poster presentation at AACR Prostate Cancer Meeting 2017   Invited speaker at Purdue University MCMP seminar series 2016    Poster presentation at 2016 AACR Annual Meeting 2016    Utilizing PIM Kinase inhibitors to target Nrf2-driven cancers. Invited Speaker, Pharmacology seminar series, Univ. of Arizona 2015    Targeting PIM Kinases to Overcome hypoxia-mediated therapeutic resistance. Invited Speaker, Cancer Biology seminar series, Univ. of Arizona Cancer Center 2014    Poster presentation at the 2014 Hollings Cancer Center Prostate Cancer Research Retreat 2013    Poster presentation at the 2013 AACR Annual Meeting 2013    Poster presentation at the 11th PSU postdoctoral society annual event 2012    Poster presentation at the 2012 AACR Annual Meeting 2011    Poster presentation at AACR PI3K/mTOR Signaling in Cancer meeting 2010    Invited Speaker at UCSD Biomedical Sciences annual graduate retreat 2010    Poster presentation at Salk Institute meeting on Protein Phosphorylation and Cell Signaling 2010    Poster presentation at CSHL PTEN and Pathways Meeting 2009    Poster presentation at 2009 AACR Annual Meeting 2008    Poster presentation at Salk meeting on protein phosphorylation 2008    Poster presentation at Experimental Biology Annual Meeting 2007    Invited Speaker at UCSD Biomedical Sciences annual graduate retreat 2006    Poster presentation at AACR Annual Meeting   PEER REVIEWED PUBLICATIONS N. A. Warfel, E. R. Lepper, C. Zhang, W. D. Figg, P. A. Dennis, Importance of the stress kinase p38alpha in mediating the direct cytotoxic effects of the thalidomide analogue, CPS49, in cancer cells and endothelial cells. Clin Cancer Res 12, 3502 (2006). C. A. Granville, N. Warfel, J. Tsurutani, M. C. Hollander, M. Robertson, S. D. Fox, T. D. Veenstra, H. J. Issaq, R. I. Linnoila, P. A. Dennis, Identification of a highly effective rapamycin schedule that markedly reduces the size, multiplicity, and phenotypic progression of tobacco carcinogen-induced murine lung tumors. Clin Cancer Res 13, 2281 (2007). J. J. Gills, S. S. Castillo, C. Zhang, P. A. Petukhov, R. M. Memmott, M. Hollingshead, N. Warfel, J. Han, A. P. Kozikowski, P. A. Dennis, Phosphatidylinositol ether lipid analogues that inhibit AKT also independently activate the stress kinase, p38alpha, through MKK3/6-independent and -dependent mechanisms. J Biol Chem 282, 27020 (2007). J. J. Gills, J. Lopiccolo, J. Tsurutani, R. H. Shoemaker, C. J. Best, M. S. Abu-Asab, J. Borojerdi, N. A. Warfel, E. R. Gardner, M. Danish, M. C. Hollander, S. Kawabata, M. Tsokos, W. D. Figg, P. S. Steeg, P. A. Dennis, Nelfinavir, A lead HIV protease inhibitor, is a broad-spectrum, anticancer agent that induces endoplasmic reticulum stress, autophagy, and apoptosis in vitro and in vivo. Clin Cancer Res 13, 5183 (2007). J. Brognard, M. Niederst, G. Reyes, N. Warfel, A. C. Newton, Common polymorphism in the phosphatase PHLPP2 results in reduced regulation of Akt and protein kinase C. J Biol Chem 284, 15215 (2009). N. A. Warfel, M. Niederst, M. W. Stevens, P. M. Brennan, M. C. Frame, A. C. Newton, Mislocalization of the E3 ligase, beta-transducin repeat-containing protein 1 (beta-TrCP1), in the pleckstrin homology domain leucine-rich repeat protein phosphatase 1 (PHLPP1) and Akt. J Biol Chem 286, 19777 (2011). N. A. Warfel, M. Niederst, A. C. Newton, Disruption of the interface between the PH and kinase domains of Akt is sufficient for hydrophobic motif site phosphorylation in the absence of mTORC2. J Biol Chem,  (2011). N. A. Warfel, A. C. Newton, PH domain Leucine-rich Repeat Protein Phosphatase, PHLPP: a New Player in Cell Signaling. J Biol Chem,  (2011). V.V. Prabhu, N.A. Warfel, W.S. El-Deiry, CTGF-mediated autophagy-senescence transition in tumor stroma promotes anabolic tumor growth and metastasis. Cell Cycle, (2012). N. A. Warfel, W. S. El-Deiry, p21WAF1 and tumourigenesis: 20 years after. Curr Opin Oncol 25, 52 (Jan, 2013). N.A. Warfel, N. Dolloff, Dicker D.T., J. Malysz, W. S. El-Diery, CDK1-mediated phosphorylation of Ser668 stabalizes HIF-1a to promote tumor growth. Cell Cycle (2013). N.A. Warfel and W.S. El-Deiry, HIF-1 Signaling in Drug Resistance to Chemotherapy. Curr Med Chem, (2014). N.A. Warfel and A.S. Kraft, PIM Kinase (and Akt) Biology and Signaling in Tumors. Pharmacology and Therapeutics, (2015). Zhang S., Zhou L., Hong B., van den Heuvel A.P., Prabhu V.V., Warfel N.A., Kline C.L., Dicker D.T., Kopelovich L., El-Deiry W.S. Small-Molecule NSC59984 Restores p53 Pathway Signaling and Antitumor Effects against Colorectal Cancer via p73 Activation and Degradation of Mutant p53. Cancer research, (2015) Song J.H., Padi S.K., Luevano L.A., Minden M.D., DeAngelo D.J., Hardiman G., Ball L.E., Warfel N.A., Kraft A.S. Insulin receptor substrate 1 is a substrate of the Pim protein kinases. Oncotarget. (2016). Warfel N.A*., Sainz A.G., Song J.H., Kraft A.S*. PIM Kinase Inhibitors Kill Hypoxic Tumor Cells by Reducing Nrf2 Signaling and Increasing Reactive Oxygen Species. Molecular Cancer Therapeutics. (2016). *co-corresponding authors. Warfel N.A. Targeting CDK4/6 to Oppose Hypoxia-Mediated Therapeutic Resistance. Cell Cycle, (2017). Casillas, A.L., Sainz, A.G., Toth, R.K., Singh, N., Desai, A., Kraft, A.S., and Warfel, N.A. Hypoxia-inducible PIM Kinase expression promotes resistance to anti-angiogenic agents. Clinical Cancer Research, (2018).

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