Melissa Herbst-Kralovetz

Professor, Basic Medical Sciences

Associate Professor, Obstetrics and Gynecology

Member of the Graduate Faculty

Professor, BIO5 Institute

Professor, Clinical Translational Sciences

Dr. Herbst-Kralovetz’s laboratory is broadly interested in understanding innate mucosal immune responses to resident bacteria, pathogens, and microbial products at mucosal sites, including the female reproductive tract (FRT). Her lab is interested in studying the mucosal barrier function of the FRT and its role in host defense and maintaining mucosal homeostasis, which is widely relevant to infection, immunity, reproduction and even cancer. She has a long-standing interest in women’s health.Video Link: Research: Unlocking Mysteries in Women's Health -

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Biology, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Bioengineering

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Start Date

January 2010

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