Keith Maggert

Associate Professor, Molecular and Cellular Biology

Associate Professor, Cancer Biology - GIDP

Associate Professor, Entomology / Insect Science - GIDP

Associate Professor, Genetics - GIDP

Member of the Graduate Faculty

Vice Chair, Genetics - GIDP

2015 – Genetic and molecular analyses of epigenetic stability in model systems and human cancers; University of Arizona, principal investigator   2004 – 2015 Genetic and molecular analyses of epigenetic gene regulation of the ribosomal DNA; Texas A&M University, principal investigator   2000 – 2004 Genetic and molecular analyses of chromosome imprinting in Drosophila melanogaster; Dr. Kent G. Golic, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah (2000-2001, 2002-2004) and The Stowers Institute for Medical Research, Kansas City, Missouri (2001-2002), postdoctoral research   1996 – 2000 Epigenetic regulation of centromere and neocentromere activity in Drosophila melanogaster; Dr. Gary H. Karpen, The Salk Institute/University of California San Diego, California, graduate research   1993 – 1996 Genetic regulation of mesoderm determination and differentiation in Drosophila melanogaster; Dr. Michael S. Levine, University of California San Diego, California, graduate research   1990 – 1992 Structure and regulation of the vacuolar H+-pumping ATP hydrolase in Saccharomyces cerevisiae; Dr. Lincoln Taiz, University of California Santa Cruz, California, undergraduate research

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August 2019

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