Barbara Carrapa

Professor, Geosciences

Member of the Graduate Faculty

I am interested in understanding the dynamics of mountain belts and continental plateaus (e.g. Alps, Andes, North America Cordillera, Pamir and Tibet) throughthe study of the timing and modes of deformation and exhumation within the orogenic belt and sedimentation within adjacent sedimentary basins. My main field of expertise is in sedimentary geology and low-T thermochronology (40Ar/39Ar andApatite Fission Track). I apply multidisciplinary studies using emerging, together with well established, techniques that enable determination of timing and rates of exhumation, erosion and sedimentation leading to a better understanding of the interactions between tectonic and erosional processes in the evolution of mountain belts and on the mechanisms of sedimentary basins. One particular field of interest is detrital thermochronology, i.e. the application of low-T-thermochronology to sedimentary rocks and sediments. I also use structural geology and basin analysis in order to unravel the kinematics of sedimentary basin formation through time.

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Historical Geology, Sedimentology and Stratigraphy

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January 2016

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May 2019

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