Alexander Bucksch

Associate Professor, Plant Science

Associate Professor, Applied Mathematics - GIDP

Member of the Graduate Faculty

Alexander Bucksch is an Associate Professor in the School of Plant Sciences at the University of Arizona who develops plant phenotyping methods across all biological and ecological scales with an emphasis on plat roots. As a trained computer scientist, he developed his interest in plant biology & ecology during his undergraduate studies at the Brandenburg Technical University. Since then he developed computational methods to analyze plant morphology in the field as a PhD at the Delft Technical University and as a PostDoc at the Georgia Institute of Technology. Currently, his methods are used by thousands of users within the CyVerse cyberinfrastructure ( During his first faculty appointment at the University of Georgia, he was awarded the NSF CAREER Award, the Fred C. Davison Early Career Award and the Early Career Award of the North American Plant Phenotyping Network for his computational approaches to understand the functions of plant morphologies and their associated formation processes.

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none, I do offer some very practical tasks that do not require much technical knowledge However, analytical knowledge in statistics and the use of python/R scripts to perform data analysis will give you a jump start into the research here.

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anyone from an engineering or computer science relate major for the technical aspects of my research program anyone from plant biology, agriculture, biology or ecology for the plant related aspects of my research program. Check out the webpage if you think you could be a good fit:

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August 2023

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