Adam Daly

Assistant Professor of Practice

Member of the Graduate Faculty

I grew up in the San Gabriel Valley in Los Angeles California and I attended several universities.  I have taught at Humboldt State, CSU East Bay, CSU Los Angeles and the University of Arizona.   I worked in industry for six years before attending graduate school and I have completed several statistics courses.  After graduation, I worked in Spain (University of Valladolid) for two years and Pasadena, CA (Caltech) for 2.5 years.  I currently work in the chemical education and physical division in the University of Arizona and continue to develop microwave spectrometers with the Kukolich group.   I am involved in many activities such as technology development, spanish language science acquisition and chemical recycling.

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Prerequisite Courses

General Chemistry and prefer Organic Chemistry

Majors Considered

Physiology, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Engineering

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No description given

Start Date

January 2017

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