Tintin Nguyen

Lead Undergraduate Research Ambassador

Tintin is a senior with a triple major in Astronomy, Physics, and Applied Mathematics. As an international student from Vietnam, he aspires to pursue a Ph.D. and a lifelong research career in Astrophysics, heavily inspired by the movie Interstellar growing up. He has done research in black hole simulations and statistical analysis of James Webb Space Telescope data. Besides being a space nerd, he is also interested in education and outreach. At UofA, he has been a math tutor, a teaching assistant, a peer mentor, a TIMESTEP (STEM professional development program) leader, and an undergraduate research assistant. Outside of academics, he really enjoys tennis, soccer, rock music, board games, trivia nights, and traveling. His biggest idol is tennis legend Rafa Nadal, who inspires him to be ambitious, perseverant, and passionate about his dreams.