Desiree Nguyen

Undergraduate Research Ambassador

Desiree is a sophomore with majors in Neuroscience & Cognitive Sciences, Psychological Sciences, and Molecular & Cellular Biology. Driven by her own experiences in healthcare, she aspires to pursue medical school after graduation while continuing her psychological and neuroscience research. As a recipient of the Flinn Scholarship in 2022 , she had the life-changing opportunity to travel to Finland to conduct her own independent sociological research project on the intersection between urban planning and education. She is involved in Dr. Taylor’s Insomnia-Sleep Health Lab as a research assistant and data project lead as well as in Dr. Ricoy’s Electrophysiology & Invertebrates Lab as a research assistant and project lead. Outside of campus, she works as a medical assistant/caregiver for both 1:1 care, memory care, and in an assisted living facility. She also volunteers as a Crisis Victim Advocate with the Pima County Attorney Office in the Victims Services Division. Outside of academics, she enjoys exploring the local scenes of Tucson, such as attending concerts, festivals, fairs, and markets with her friends