STEM Careers

Explore STEM Majors and Careers

Search University of Arizona Database: In this University of Arizona website you will find general information regarding every major offered at the university, the corresponding four-year plan, and some perspective into career planning.


U.S. Government STEM Education Web Page: Extensive resource regarding federal STEM education efforts, student grants, student loans, etc.


Receive Career and Job Counseling: The University of Arizona offers job counseling regarding choosing possible careers, planning and searching for career experiences, preparing for interviews, professional networking, reviewing professional documents (personal statement, resume, CV, letter), and much more. This a personalized service tailored to your needs and interests. This website also includes links to career exploration tools.


Explore Specific Details About STEM Careers and Educational Requirements: This very easy to follow, up-to-date website offers a  glimpse into different career pathways through interviews of individuals working in their fields and details on salary averages, unemployment rates, future outlook and more.


Applying for Graduate School and Summer Opportunities

General Information on Both Graduate School and Undergraduate Opportunities: This website provides a simple way to search the various programs of study and funding offered at the graduate level at the University of Arizona. Of particular interest to undergraduate students should be the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Consortium (UROC) link.


Summer Opportunities Database: Resource that allows the searcher to explore summer opportunities for dozens of research institutions and government agencies. The search can even be filtered by disciplinary area. Excellent resource!


What to Expect When Applying for Graduate School: This web site is designed to assist students who are considering graduate or professional programs. It will help you decide whether these programs are for you, identify the steps you need to take to apply, and find the on and off campus resources to assist in the process.


Graduate Schools Rankings: Understand how the various graduate programs rank in respect to each other so you can make a savvy decision regarding your future studies.


General Graduate School Resources Web Page: Offers insight into many aspects of the graduate studies pathway ranging from writing applications to financial considerations. 


Finding a STEM job:

Science Pioneers: Repository of STEM career web sites for students.


Career Cornerstone: An ever expanding resource for people interested in exploring career opportunities in STEM.


Best STEM Jobs: U.S. News is ever updating its list of the best STEM occupations. This is another excellent resource if you are still undecided on a major and would like more information on the future job outlook.


Resources for Women in STEM: Compilation of resources for women who are interested in STEM fields.